The story of Irish Blue Limestone…
…began some 370 million years ago. At the floor of a shallow inlet of the sea a rich coral-like fauna and prehistoric shellfisch species thrived in the warm water close to the surrounding landmasses. When they died, their skeletons broke down and waves carried the fragments into the protected inshore area, where some 320 million years later, they would form a unique compact natural stone known as Irish Blue Limestone.
Irish Blue Limestone is not only one of the most compact natural sedimentary stones, it has also quite unique aestethical properties. Fossil fragments give this natural material a distictive look while finely dispersed carbon in the stone mass, renders a remarkable colour contrast depending on the particular surface finish, from pale grey over dark blue to shiny black. Irish Blue Limestone is perfectly suitable for inside and outside use and known for its extreme durability. Over the years it develops a natural patina adding to the nobility and character of the material.

Erinstone®, a guarantee for quality and authenticity Erinstone® is a registered trade name under which authentic Irish Blue Limestone, quarried at Holdensrath Quarry in Kilkenny and James Walsh Quarry in Carlow is sold. The quarried stone is selected to match the highest aesthetical standards (colour variation, fossil content, white veins,…) and mechanical properties (compressive strength, porosity, wear resistance,..). Erinstone® is therefore a guarantee for a consistent supply of quality Irish Blue Limestone.

The company
Erinstone® is quarried and produced
by Stone Developments Ltd, Co. Carlow, Ireland.
Quarries: James Walsh Quarry,Old Leighlin,Carlow Ireland,
Holdensrath Quarry, Kilkenny.
Production facilities: Carlow - Ireland, Kilkenny - Ireland,
Basècles - Belgium, Hemiksem – Belgium.

Sales Offices Ireland
Stone Developments Ltd
One Southern Cross Road,
IDA Business Park
Bray, Co Wicklow
t: +353(1) 2021100
f: +353(1) 2021101

email. info@stonedev.ie

Sales Offices Belgium
  Erinstone SA/NV, Hemiksem, Belgium
Nijverheidsstraat 34 b1 - 2620 Hemiksem, Belgium
t. +32 3 870 71 20 - f. +32 3 877 21 22
email. info@erinstone.com