Quality certification:
ERINSTONE ® meets and even exceeds
the strictest requirements for Blue limestone.
Erinstone® is a natural material that is quarried in a quality controlled production environment under the ISO9002 certification.

An important part of the stone is exported to Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. In 1994, Erinstone® was awarded an ATG-certificate by the Belgian Union for Technical Approval in the Construction Industry where it was the first natural stone ever to receive this certificate. In this way Erinstone® set the standard and proved that product certification for natural stone under the ATG-system is possible.

ATG certification requires that:
• The producer adheres to a generally
  accepted technical base specification.
• He operates a rigorous quality control system:
  from inspection of raw products and throughout
  the production process, to the end product.
• Representative samples of the products have been   submitted to tests and controls by and under
  supervision of an independent expert body.
• These tests and controls are regularly repeated.
  All of this is done under the supervision of a reputable
  certification body.
• Adjustments are made immediately if necessary,
  both in the company and the certification body,
  and that a procedure to correct irregularities exists.
Technical Specifications :
The following laboratory tests have been carried out by the WTCB
a member of Eutac
apparent density 2688 Kg/m3
porosity 0.62 %Vol
frost resistance 0K
thermal expansion 0,0055 mm/mK
compressive strenght 127,6 N/mm2
flexural strength 10,9 N/mm2
wear resistance 3,97 mm/1000m
modulus of elasticity 62 N/mm2
scratch test 0,3 mm
ultrasonic velocity 5239 m/s
Petrographic and
Lithological Background :
Erinstone® , Irish Blue Limestone was formed
some 340 million years ago as a compact crinoidical limestone
with a rich fossil content of mainly brachiopods (shellfish) and polips.
Finely dispersed carbon through the stone mass results
in a typical blue-grey colour.
Chemical composition:
Over 98% Calciet, 0.7% Dolomite,
0.7% Quarts, 0.2% organic Carbon, Less then 0.1% Iron Sulfite
Because of its extremely low Iron composites content,
Erinstone® is suitable to be used under environmental pressure
of a city or even industrial environment without risk on
brown discolouration and staining.